Basic Science Division

The goals and objectives of the Research Division and Graduate Program in Reproductive and Developmental Sciences, based on the recommendations of the last Departmental Review, are as follows:

Long-germ Goal

To improve communications between basic scientists and clinicians, and between the Department Head and both clinical and basic scientists.

Immediate and Short-term Objectives

  • A primary responsibility of the Research Division is to develop goals and initiatives in conjunction with other Division Heads for the benefit of the Department as a whole.
  • Development of Rounds that include both clinical and basic scientists. These will be particularly functional at the subspecialty level – Perinatology, Oncology, and Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility.
  • A Departmental Research Day will involve both graduate students and residents; a social component to this will be added.
  • Clinicians will be encouraged to develop clear clinically relevant questions for collaboration with basic scientists. Funding will be directed towards provision of basic technical support.
  • Clinicians will be asked to participate in graduate student committees to increase awareness of the basic science activities.
  • Basic scientists will be encouraged to participate in resident training program, particularly in research electives.
  • External funding opportunities, such as CIHR Group grants, will facilitate clinical/basic science interaction in “growth and development” with the potential for such a centre at the BC Research Institute for Children’s and Women’s Health.