Division of Maternal-Fetal Medicine

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Division of Maternal-Fetal Medicine

Undergraduate Program Highlights

The Division of Maternal Fetal Medicine continues to participate actively in the teaching activities of the UBC Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology Undergraduate Program.  The following are highlights of our participation in the past academic year;

Tracy Pressey has taken over as Week Head of the Reproductive Block Week 3 (Normal Pregnancy, Labour and Delivery).

Tracy Pressey and Marie-France Delisle together supported the Interprofessional Labour and Delivery Workshop for the Clinical Clerks held as part of their Orientation every six weeks.

Third year clerkship seminars were presented by many individuals within the Division.  Increasingly, our members have shown their “flexibility” in presenting whatever topics were needed by the clerkship program.  Thank you again for your flexibility!

There was a significant increase in the number of members of the Division who acted as OSCE examiners for the end of rotation Clinical Clerk examination.  Thank you to Drs. Blair Butler, Duncan Farquharson, Nancy Kent, Rob Liston, Gerry Marquette, Tracy Pressey, Dorothy Shaw, Amanda Skoll and Francine Tessier, all of whom gave of their time to help out with these.

There has been a significant increase in the number of final year medical students coming through our service on elective, both from UBC and from many other medical schools around the country.  Both the Antepartum and the Prenatal Diagnosis electives were fully subscribed to.  Thanks to Drs. Alain Gagnon, Amanda Skoll and Tracy Pressey for acting as supervisors to this group.  The success of this elective can be seen in the fact that four of these elective students now constitute 50% of the PGY1’s in our residency program (Drs. Sheila With, Julie Wood, Vanessa Nicolau Toulouse and Nicole Todd).

New this year was an elective on the Single Room Maternity Care Interprofessional unit.  Nancy Kent helped organize their time but thanks goes to all the obstetricians and Family Physicians who graciously allowed these senior clerks to be involved in the care of their patients on Cedar Square.  Five students gave this selective a try this past year – and one is now a resident in our PGY1 year (Dr. Caitlin Dunne), too.

Once again, students from the UBC School of Midwifery came to work with us in May, June and July.  As in every year, the midwifery students found their time spent with MFM enlightening and helpful to their future.  They always depart with a greater understanding of what MFM can offer to the care of their patients.

MFM members, once again, participated in the PBL program of the first and second year of the medical school.

Postgraduate Program Highlights

Members of the Division of MFM participated equally extensively to the teaching within the UBC Obstetrics and Gynecology Residency Program.  Highlights included:

Dr. Tracy Pressey has kindly agreed to take over scheduling of the many elective students, both medical and midwifery, passing through our clinics, ably supported by Paula Hartling who keeps everybody straight.

Examiners for the Residency Program biannual OSCE’s included Dr. Antonia Shand during her first month with us!

Dr. Blair Butler joined Dr. Leanne Dahlgren in spearheading the epidemiology and critical appraisal teaching for the residency program.  Both contribute to making Journal Clubs more vigorous and at the same time fun!

Academic Day March 2008 included resident research projects supervised by:

Peter von Dadelszen (Jason Burrows and Fariba Mohtashami)
Rob Liston (Jason Burrows)

More Division members participated in the MFM resident rotation final examinations than in prior years.

And then there are all those of you who continue to contribute to resident and undergraduate education by faithfully turning up for morning handover rounds. Your contribution is eternally appreciated.  As always, it is a pleasure to be a member of this Division where education really counts!